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About us

About Us

One Stop Tents and Events carries a large selection and supply of tents, tables, chairs, and staging for your outdoor events and festivals. Our equipment is used at some of the largest events in our area. Take a few minutes to browse through the photos below and see for yourself what One Stop Tents and Events can do for your event! Just click on the photo to see the whole series.

With roots dating back to a professional manufacturer and exporter of tents, i.e. Yashang Tents, in 2005, benefited from our high quality tent products and professional services, customers trust us, and are much willing to rely on us to help and outsource reliable partners. We began the outsourcing of tent accessories in 2005 serving the small part of customers.
Gaining more and more experience in event services, we gradually find many customers are sharing the same demand on tables and chairs and tent decorations etc., via our centralized purchase, and we can help the customers get a much more competitive price on bulk orders. Based on this high cost performance, it positively attracts more customers to us.
Eventually, to meet the needs of our demanding customers and market, Yashang Industry is established to provide professional products and services for each and every tent project, save the customer from anxiety
- Aluminum Frame Tent
- Galvanized Steel Pipe Tent
- Stretch Tent
- Folding Tent
- Pagoda Tent
- Dia. 1.5M Round Table
- Dia. 1.8M Round Table
- 1.8M Rectangular Table
- 2.4M Rectangular Table
- Table Cover
- Table Runner
- Clear Tiffany Chair
- Metal Chiavari Chair
- Aluminum Napoloen Chair
- Wood Louis Chair
- Plastic Folding Chair
- Chair Cover
Floor Decor Light

Professional Team: At the very beginning, we used to PASSIVELY provide customized, outsourcing services to customers. Along development, more and more customers are requesting us to provide coordination on more and more accessories, which are widely used for various parties and events. In order to provide high quality accessory products and coordination services more efficiently, we ACTIVELY set up project team to run the custom project and take care of different details at different stage. Customers can get better services and we move forward the project more efficiently.
China has the world‘s most complete industrial chain, all the items required for almost each and every full-service party can be obtained here and shipped to you using cargo containers. We know China market and we have wide resource network, when you are uncertain whether the suppliers are credible or not, or whether the products are qualified or not, our team can help. As we know, when we find a business opportunity, time is money, market doesn‘t wait. We aim to help you start up your tent business towards a successful end within a shorter time, help you save you time and energy and money at initial phase, so that you can focus more efforts on researching and developing and marketing strategy on your local market to promote your tent rental business.
Made-in-China used to give customers a bad impression. However, nowadays, more and more factories and Entrepreneurs, like us, are committed to providing high quality product to reverse the bad impression. The quality of products from China now reaches more and more close to the international high quality standards.
our open-minded attitude towards new and innovative practices keeps Celina Tent at the forefront of the expanding event market. We source quality products and are known as a major distributor of event chairs, tables, and tents throughout the world. All tents we offer are created at yashang-owned facilities to allow us to control the quality.
elina embraces new technology and better methodologies to improve design, manufacturing, warehousing, distribution, customer service, training, and ecommerce experience.
Today, Yashang Industry‘s focus is on 3 main areas:
*Manufacturing & Operations:
-Tent Solution Planning and Proposal
-Tents are manufactured by our facilities, to make sure its high standards in efficiency, quality and safety.
*Sourcing & Procurement:
-Tent Accessories Outsourcing, such as tables, chairs, chandeliers, air conditioners, etc.
-In strategic sourcing, we target to achieve an optimal mix of quality, cost effectiveness and reliable supply
-We act as a quality gatekeeper, ensuring that its principals’ stringent requirements and precise needs are fully met by local vendors
*Logistics, Warehouse & Inventory Management:
-Different partners from different cities, with different type packaging, consolidated logistics arrangements are synergized for greater customer satisfaction through reduced logistics expenses and quicker delivery.
-Local transport, temporary storage, combine loading, customs handling.
Many of our demanding customers keep on coming back to us happily, with more business opportunities, with innovative ideas, practices, and products. This is made possible due to the dedication of the hard working men and women that make up our company, always working toward improvement. At Yashang, we want you to know that you‘re part of a winning team of professionals!
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