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We will vigorously develop the assembly building to promote the modernization of construction

Time:2017-08-27 Views:179

According to report of xinhua news agency of the state council premier li keqiang on September 14, chaired a state council executive meeting, the deployment to accelerate "Internet + e-government service", to deepen the reform of the government‘s own more companies convenient;We decided to vigorously develop prefabricated buildings and upgrade the industrial structure.

Conference pointed out that accelerate the "Internet + e-government service", is the deepening and the reform of decentralization, combined the pipes, optimization services, to improve the government efficiency and transparency, system of lower transaction costs, running errands "masses" to "run", "enterprise looking for" for "department coordination office".All regions and departments should accelerate the electronic and networking of administrative services and promote the construction of smart cities.Whoever can realize the online transaction, shall not require the public to go to the site;Materials that can be Shared through the Internet shall not require the mass to be repeated;Information that can be verified through the network must not be repeated by other units.With the enterprise registration, the production and business operation, aptitude, trademarks, patents, etc., and residents‘ education of medical care, household registry, such as social security is closely related to the service items, to carry out online accept, deal with and feedback, do do, all online on "should be".Entities to promote government affairs hall and online service platform, promote cross-regional remote service matters to deal with, across levels of linkage to transact, cross-sectoral coordination, do "all the single sign-on, netcom, do".By the end of 2017, all provincial governments and relevant departments of the state council will build an integrated online government service platform for public and open sharing.By the end of 2020, the "Internet + government service" system covering the whole country and a network will be completed.We will increase the protection of important data, such as trade secrets and personal privacy.Establish and improve standard specifications such as electronic license, electronic documents and electronic signature, and unify the identity authentication system.

Conference that in structural reform and advance the supply side on the development of the new urbanization, developing the steel structure, concrete and other prefabricated construction, has a new development of energy conservation and environmental protection industry, improve the level of construction safety, promote dissolve excess capacity and other standards.The meeting decided to focus on the beijing-tianjin-hebei region, the Yangtze river delta, the pearl river delta urban agglomeration and other cities with a permanent population of more than 3 million, and accelerate the increase in the proportion of new construction areas.To this end, we should improve the standard of assembly building standards, promote integrated design, industrial production, assembly and construction, integrated decoration, and promote the modernization of construction methods.

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