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Why Choose Us


Most event rental companies average $800 to $2,000 in profits for every rental. Starting a tent, table and chair rental business is a great way to generate revenue quickly and year round. Think of all the events that use tents: outdoor wedding receptions, auctions, tent sales, festivals, graduation parties, etc. These events can happen during any season. Many of At the thought of this, a lot of people will be enthusiastic, and feel cannot wait to start their own businesses at the shortest time.


Well then, when you get down to the real nitty-gritty, you‘ll come to realize that to say is one thing and to do is another. There are really too many trivial but important things to consider. For instance, what tent size shall I buy? How many people can it seat? Which functional space (dining area, dance floor, mini-bar, DJ stage, passageway, etc.) shall I plan inside the tent? What kind of tables and chairs to configure?

And you‘ll also get concerned with questions such as, How to make sure the suppliers are reliable? How to coordinate and make sure the goods are delivered at the same time in the same container? how long would it take to get the goods? How can I get the tent erected up smoothly? What if I need instant support throughout the running of the tent project?

And among all the considerations and concerns, the most important is, you are quite uncertain and entangled whether the suppliers of tents, tables, chairs and other accessories are credible or not, and whether they can provide qualified products on time, and so on. Of course, you can choose to visit these factories one by one, and come arrange the loading and shipping of all goods, but the cost is not small. So far as I know, for a new business start-up, you‘ll need to make good control of the use of funds at the very beginning to make sure a good continuous running of the business.

A lot "WHATs" and "HOWs", right? great headache, aren‘t you?


no worry. we, originated from a professional tent manufacturer, with great expertise in tent design, manufacture and installation, and we have accummulated rich experience in running complicated tent projects and in coordinating with various partners. Our dedicated project team will guarantee on-time delivery on quality and on budget.

When you cooperate with yashang, you‘ll get:

*Professional Recommendations: we have experienced consultant and engineer to help you choose and determine the optimum tent solution for your application with highest cost performance.

*Credible suppliers: for each and every tent project, based on the specific accessories, we‘ll designate a dedicated inspector to audit the factory and communicate your specific requirements. You can select a factory online, we help go and audit, and you can also ask us to recommend a partner for you. this is all no problem!

*Qualified products: before delivery, we‘ll send our designated staff to inspect the goods, and send you photos and video of the goods, and make sure the goods are manufactured as per requirements.

*Efficient services: no need to worry about time difference, or language difference etc. Our team will keep close and instant communication with all the partners for this project over phone calls and/or face-in-face meetings, and help to provide you efficient support.

*Instant communications: when many suppliers are involved in one project, esp. when located in different cities, you‘ll need much time and energy to communicate and to coordinate the delivery date, the local transportation, the loading, customs documentations, etc.

*One-stop project services, from planning tent rental business, finding and selecting quality suppliers, auditing factory and supervising production, till local transport coordination, consolidated shipping arrangement, loading, and customs etc.

*Full control of your project: From the very beginning, as soon as we know your expected time of putting the project into running, our team will work out a reverse project time schedule to make sure each procedure is moving forward towards achieve your goal.

*Total peace of mind: by professional recommendions, you know what‘s best for your project, and after determine what to buy, you‘ll get a clear picture of what to expect and get at different stage of the project, and our team will take care of all the trivial things from planning to shipping arrangements, till you erect up the tent and get the project running to a successful end.

*Continuous Support: we are simply selling a tent product, we aim to help you run a successful tent rental project. Continuous support will be always available as strong backing for you.


1. We speak from real world business experience.

Benefited from our high quality tent products and professional services, customers trust us, and are much willing to rely on us to help find outsource reliable partners for all the products required for a full service party tent. We began the outsourcing of tent accessories in 2005 serving the small part of customers. To be very frank, throughout years in providing one-stop party tent solution to our customers, we‘ve spent much time and energy, and money, in finding out a practical operation mode to satisfy customers‘ individualized requirements. This is our experience, is more our assets.

2. We operate with a dedicated professional team.

At the very beginning, one sales person help the client to outsource, we all know, one person has limited energy, facing with stacks of things, when we attend to one thing and might probably lose sight of another. Yashang Tents is the manufacturer and exporter, specializing in design, manufacture, sale and rental of a variety of engineered aluminum structure frame tents. In August 2017, we established Yashang Industry to focus all of our efforts on helping and facilitating our customers outsourcing of all the products needed to run a full service party tent rental business.  Depends on the scale and complexity of the tent project, our project team will normally consist of 3~5 people, i.e. Project Manager, Project Assistant, Project QC/InspectorProject Coordinator, Project Logistics Operator. We‘ll combine elite from different departments to serve the tent project to make sure every demand is fairly met.

3. Enterprise service concept: trust stems from a sincere attitude and commitment.

If relations between people are honest and sincere, both personal relations and business operations will be much smoother and more beneficial for everyone. Enterprises should be based on integrity and always treat the customer with honesty and sincerity. This produces trust on both sides, and enables the enterprise to grow.

Yashang is committed to the high standards of quality, integrity, and service in all of its operations. Our core business philosophy can be summarized as: "First-class brand, first-class quality, first-class service."We strive to treat every customer with honesty and sincerity, and to build long-term relationships of trust, cooperation, and mutual benefit with old and new friends at home and abroad.

Look no further, Yashang is absolutely your trustworthy choice. Consult now with our expert to custom an optimum tent solution for your own tent rental business project!

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